About Dr. Benedetto DACNB, DC


Dr. Ray Benedetto, DACNB, DC, has been treating patients since graduating from New York Chiropractic College with honors in 2003.

Since graduating, Dr. Benedetto DACNB, DC has been helping thousands of people from all over the Lehigh Valley. He has advanced education and training in the non-surgical treatment of disc degeneration, spinal stenosis and herniated discs, as well as other chronic conditions including: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, peripheral neuropathy, gastrointestinal disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome.

He has teamed with the nation’s leading Chiropractic Neurologist, Dr. Michael Johnson, author of “What Do You Do When the Medications Don’t Work? A Non-Drug Treatment of Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, Fibromyalgia, and Other Chronic Conditions,” to bring the most cutting edge treatment of these conditions to his patients from all over our community.

He continues his education while maintaining a busy practice and is Board Certified in Chiropractic Neurology with 1,000’s of hours and certification in Functional Diagnostic Medicine.

Dr. Benedetto and his wife Dr. Alison Benedetto, practice in Bethlehem, PA and live with their 3 children in Allentown, PA.