Want to Lower Your Blood Pressure By 20 Points? Try This…

Want to know about an exercise that can lower blood pressure significantly? We’re talking as much as 10-20 mmHg. No, it’s not an endurance exercise. No, it’s not strength exercise. It’s actually an exercise you can do anytime and anywhere. It’s called isometrics. What are Isometric Exercises? Isometric exercises, the kind where you contract large … Continue reading "Want to Lower Your Blood Pressure By 20 Points? Try This…"

Are You Addicted to Sugar?

It’s Nothing New. Food processing (preparing and preserving) is a practice that was employed by our early ancestors. Methods such as slating, drying, fermenting, curing, roasting and smoking were used by members of early hunter-gatherer civilizations. These primitive but effective techniques are still in use today. However, the concept of processing food has technologically advanced … Continue reading "Are You Addicted to Sugar?"