Are You Weird?

Today’s post is a terrific message from MY coach – Joe Arangio (check him out HERE if you want to get in the best shape of your life) I love this message and have “tweaked” it just a little bit to make it relevant for your health. Enjoy! *************** One of the things that I’ve … Continue reading "Are You Weird?"

Should I Get the Flu Shot?

This is a question I get asked A LOT this time of year… for obvious reasons. Watch the video below for my answer. Feel Free to comment with any questions! The Flu Shot

The Calcium Myth…

Calcium may well be the world’s most popular nutritional supplement. Why is that? The main reason for calcium’s popularity is just good-old-fashioned Madison Avenue propaganda. For four decades Americans have been the beneficiaries of major advertising campaigns from the dairy industry promoting milk as the ideal food, especially for growing children. And milk’s calcium content … Continue reading "The Calcium Myth…"

Silent Bug and Heart Disease

How secure should you feel if your doctor tells you that your cholesterol levels are normal? Are you immune to heart disease just because you have been informed you have normal cholesterol levels? If you have been a reader of my weekly articles for any length of time, you should know that cholesterol is not … Continue reading "Silent Bug and Heart Disease"