Why Doesn’t My Dr. Know This?…

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME.

Here’s a typical day in my office…


We finally get to the root cause of one of our patient’s health problems (because we have the expertise and actually took the time/effort to look…)

And the next question out of his/her mouth is –

“Why didn’t my Dr. look for this?”


“Why didn’t my Dr. run this test?”


“Why doesn’t my Dr. know everything you’ve told me today?”


My personal favorite – which unfortunately I see all to often – A patient brings in previous labs and/or testing that their Dr. has ALREADY DONE and the answer/diagnosis is staring them in the face.

Yet when I review the abnormal lab test results and reveal the patient’s diagnosis to them, I get a blank stare and…

“I’ve never seen that before!”


“Why didn’t my Dr. explain this to me?”



If you want to know WHY this happens in our medical system, Watch Dr. Benedetto in the video below as he reveals the answers…

Why Doesn’t My Dr. Know This?

3 Excuses You Do NOT Want To Make With Your Health…

Today I will discuss three common excuses that may be holding you back from having your ideal life.

A life that brings true happiness and deep satisfaction.

You’ve heard the common theory regarding motivation…

Humans are motivated to achieve pleasure or avoid pain.

Pretty much every decision in your life can be traced back to your pursuit of pleasure or avoidance of pain.

By the way, you may get TEMPORARY pleasure from overindulgence in many areas of your life… food, drink, mind-altering drugs that make you forget your troubles.

Some of you are thinking, “Wait a minute, there’s a medical term for that behavior. It’s called the weekend!”

But seriously, this pursuit of temporary pleasure oftentimes results in long-term pain.

For example, you become fat, sick, and depressed from the constant skipped workouts and gluttony on the weekends.

Once you get past these three excuses, you’re on the road to having the excellent health that you want… and you’ll also enjoy the rewards that go hand-in-hand with this healthy lifestyle.

Excuse #1 – I don’t have the time…

I get it.

You’re too busy to break out of the busy trap.

There’s so much to do just to keep things afloat, so the things that will actually move you forward get put off. Like preparing your foods/meals ahead of time or a simple 45-minute morning workout, four days per week.

But the truth is, you CAN do it.

You can schedule a few hours (three, to be exact) a week to implement the systems you need and actually work on your mind-and-body just like you’d schedule a few hours to do anything else.

The keys are simply creating a couple of hours (again, three) a week to prepare and plan your nutrition and having a structured training plan to implement…

Excuse #2 – I feel overwhelmed.

This is not much different than the first excuse…just a different mindset.

You feel like you’re so far behind that you’ll never catch up.

It’s draining.

You wonder if “it’s all worth it.”

Things are out of control, or at least they feel that way.

So how do you fix it?

It’s not really as complicated as it seems.

You decide where you want to go.

You create the map.

You take step one.

You couldn’t get to the finish line in a day or even a week – no matter how hard you tried, so just take one step today.

And another tomorrow…

Excuse #3 – I can’t afford it right now (aka, spend vs. invest mentality)

I know, I know.

Paying your doctor or hiring a health coach to help you live life to its fullest feels expensive.

*Perhaps you’d rather spend on a lavish family vacation that will make you fatter.

*Or maybe spend thousands gambling at a casino.

*Or your conscious decision to eat most of your weekly meals at restaurants is diverting much needed “preventative health” funds.

Spending money on your health seems like something that might make sense later, after your heart attack or once you have diabetes.

Heck, maybe you’re saving up for early admission into the local nursing home, after an unexpected stroke.

My point is that some folk’s attitudes are so warped when it comes to investing in their health, but have no hesitation spending 200 bucks for fine dining and bottle of Chianti… because they are “making memories” and “living life” and whatever else you want to say to justify your short-sighted thinking.

Indeed, it’s “hard” to justify the “cost” of healthy living right now.

Well, the truth is… it’s an INVESTMENT.

By the way, when you look up the word investment in the dictionary it reads:

“An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.”

Another dictionary defines investment this way…

“A thing that is worth buying because it may be profitable or useful in the future.”

Well, gentle reader, REAL healthcare is an investment that offers one of the best return-on-investments you’ll ever receive.

As an aside, Health insurance is not an ‘investment’ in your health. It’s to help defray costs in the event of something catastrophic (broken bones, infection, stroke, etc.). If you’re having difficulty deciphering the 2, go back up and read the definitions of ‘Investment’

Following the guidelines provided by an experienced, well educated doctor or health coach practically guarantees you will regain your health… and then maintain that excellent health into your golden years.

So you can enjoy your family, and life, each and every day.

Will you invest in your health or spend on another lavish vacation?

Will you wait until your New Year’s Resolution, when you do another silly juice-cleanse diet and lose 30 pounds of fat (but mostly water and muscle) in 30 days… only to gain back fat and water (but no muscle) when you resume your old sluggish, self-indulgent ways?

Achieving optimal health under the watchful guidance your doctor allows you to be more efficient with your time. You get more done faster, so more time away from work even though you are making more. If this doesn’t sound like you, than you need to fire your doctor.

A healthy body and mind is the ultimate freedom. It gives you to the power to do what you want, whenever you want.

There aren’t too many investments that will offer all of those things.

ADD/ADHD…Are There Other Treatment Options?

Diagnosis of childhood behavioral disorders continue to skyrocket in the US.

Traditional medical management includes, counseling/therapy and pharmaceutical interventions.


Are there other ancillary treatment options available that may be more effective in addressing the root causes?

Watch Dr. Benedetto in the video below to discover some causes/treatments your doctor may not even know about!

Add/ADHD…Are There Other Options?