I have been wanting to write you to let you know how I’ve been feeling now that my “cleanse” is complete.  I am so glad we talked about how you could help me all those month ago while I was still in treatment.  My only regret is that I didn’t come to see you sooner.  🙂
As you know, I have elementary aged children and then had two babies back to back followed by a terrible diagnosis of breast cancer when my little one was just 3 months old.  My body has been through so much and I knew I needed to lose the baby weight and re-train how I assign emotion to food.  Obviously weight loss was a big goal – but also I had concerns about inflammation and organ health.  Chemo was no joke!  I am beyond thrilled to have someone like you who coached me, held me accountable, and got me back on track.  In two months, I did the gut and liver cleanse while following your dietary recommendations- eliminating sugar, dairy and refined carbs.  In the process I lost 11 pounds, and about 3% body fat.  I am still losing!  It feels so good to be able to fit back in my clothes. I started in a size 10 and I’m comfortably in a size 6. Still amazed at how supplementing my gut and liver to get them functioning correct with a change in my eating would allow me to lose this much weight. I’m also so appreciative of all the tricks you gave me to keep my blood sugar stable and how to not be starving through this process. Weight loss is a great benefit of your program, but I also experienced a side benefit I didn’t expect – mental clarity.  I always thought I was foggy due to lack of sleep with toddlers- but it was more likely my diet!  I also never feel weighed down by food anymore- which is awesome because I need as much energy as possible to run after 4 little boys!
Alison, 39