“I went to Dr. Benedetto in Sept 2016 after going to another chiropractor on and off for almost two years. I am only in my early thirties so I was really looking for a solution that would address more than just the symptoms but could give me long term relief. After an examination Dr. Benedetto helped me understand that the pain I was experiencing likely more than a misalignment and that is why the chiropractic visits I had in the past only provided me with relieve for a few hours. His conclusions were verified and I was able to receive the spinal decompression therapy I needed. I started to see improvements within a few visits. About half way through my therapy plan my back had a relapse but Dr. Benedetto, Dr. Alison and Laird all encouraged me, helping me to stay positive through out the experience. By the time I ended my sessions I knew my back was stronger and more resilient.”

Thank you Dr. Benedetto, Dr. Alison, and Laird for all your help!!!