I have been wanting to write you to let you know how I’ve been feeling now that my “cleanse” is complete.  I am so glad we talked about how you could help me all those month ago while I was still in treatment.  My only regret is that I didn’t come to see you sooner.  … Continue reading "Alison"


“I would definitely go see Dr. Ray! I spent years dealing with my PCP and even switched providers and I never got any where. I still felt horrid. Anxiety, joint/nerve pain, fatigue One doctor told me “you’re a stressed out Mom and maybe you have fibromyalgia, but the tests would be a $50,000 work up … Continue reading "Katie"


Benedetto Chiropractic is helping me finally turn my life around after having an emergency c-section and premature birth in 2013. Just after week 4 of treatment, oxygen therapy and lifestyle modifications, my life is turning around and I FINALLY have hope that I will not live crippled by weakness and fatigue for the rest of … Continue reading "Courtney"


“I went to Dr. Benedetto in Sept 2016 after going to another chiropractor on and off for almost two years. I am only in my early thirties so I was really looking for a solution that would address more than just the symptoms but could give me long term relief. After an examination Dr. Benedetto … Continue reading "Victoria"