Jill Marie Whitney

After having my second child at 33 years old, I noticed that my sugar cravings increased and I wasn’t feeling like myself. I wanted to feel good, have energy and feel like my old self again. I couldn’t believe that being 40 something I would have to live my life in pain and tired ALL … Continue reading "Jill Marie Whitney"

Darlene Hasko

I am so pleased with the improvement in my back since I started coming to see you. It’s nice getting up off the sofa or out of bed in morning and not feeling like I’m a hundred years old. I saw your ad in the newspaper and called. I got the information in the mail … Continue reading "Darlene Hasko"

Charles Hauze

On May 5th I went to Dr. Ray Benedetto for an evaluation. After the exam, I was already confident in his ability to help me. Dr. Alison and Dr. Ray make you feel like a friend and not a patient. When I started with Dr. Ray, I was in such pain I was taking four … Continue reading "Charles Hauze"

Craig Evans

Stenosis seemed like a life sentence when diagnosed.  I tried pills with little relief.  Spinal injections provided pronounced relief – for 2 weeks.  The next step was to ‘burn the nerve endings’ to mask the cause of the pain.  I had trouble walking, standing and walking.  The ideal approach for me meant no pills, no … Continue reading "Craig Evans"

Ethel Walker

I was at my other chiropractor and I wasn’t very happy with him. He wanted me to have back surgery but I did not want it. I stopped seeing him and then saw Dr. Benedetto’s ad in the newspaper. I have been suffering from leg and back pain for the last four years and with … Continue reading "Ethel Walker"